California wine MapAbout 90 percent of American Wines are produced in California region. The cold areas like Napa Valley, Sonoma Country are some of the notable Wine producing regions. The most prestigious wine brand –

Zinfandel – produced exclusively in California,  is equal to any classic European wine.

Angelica: Another ancient California Wine is Angelica; it originated by a European Variety brought to California in 18th century by the Spanish visitors.

California Wine is the ultimate choice among Wine-lovers.  California Wine enthusiast are scattered around the globe, and though it is not always possible for the Wine-lovers or for the Wine-collectors to visit California in person to sample its Wine, We now have various online stores, perfectly adept at stocking and shipping this great wines. it may even be possible to locate that famous bottle of wine that you have heard so much about. There are thousands of Wine consigners to keeping up with ever increasing demand. !!!

AS Wine is a living thing it needs an extra care in order to keep its quality standard. Tussle during the shipment sometimes abolish the virtue of the wines which is incurred by a long term process. According to the Wine experts wine should be bought two or more weeks before to open it. The Wine should be stored in dark with a corked cap to make it fresh and preserved.

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